DNA 12 Strand Activation






 After  DNA 12 Strand Activation, many people have told researchers they are experiencing some of the following effects.

Please remember this feedback is subjective and you may or may not have similar outcomes. 

*  higher energy & renewed youthfulness, which means they have more vitality to approach each day

* depression lifting as old patterns are released leading to increased sense of well-being and more zest for life

feel like you are shedding a truck load of personal history that has been in your way

 * improved eyesight and inner vision

 * deeper meditations, heightened perception and intuition, which enables more openness to guidance by your Higher Self

 * being more effective in work and  improved health. 

 *immune system strengthened as body begin to detoxify

* ability to identify dysfunctional patterns and to strengthen productive ones

* cells  have the ability to heal quicker

*  intra cellular communication is strengthened

* intuition, clairvoyance, and clair audience are heightened  which enhances soul contact

 * you will start the process of moving outside of linear time 

* memory  become sharper and communication becomes  more precise

 * you  stay focused and in the moment 

 * you  have a better understanding of your purpose in life

* healers notice their skills are improved,  clients told a massage practitioner that she has 'magic hands'..

 *people on their path of Ascension notice an acceleration

*You will also be able to balance both sides of the brain more easily



  Zannie Rose can activate your DNA now.

Is the time right for you to experience this for yourself?

You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for the future of your choosing. As you change your mind, you change your experience.

Serge Kahili King