DNA 12 Strand Activation

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Thank you, I am begining to see light at the end of the tunnel, those sessions has really kept me intune , energy balancing and clearing sessions,
 I really feel a lot more weight lifted from my shoulder, and I feel more confident in what I am doing.
SS -UK -2011 -remote session
Hi Zannie
I wanted to give you some feedback about my experiences since the DNA activation.
 I really enjoyed the process and as soon as we had completed I decided to have a sacred cleansing bath(oils and crystals etc) before writing out my intentions. In the bath I went on one of the most powerful spontaneous inner journeys I have ever had.
It was long and detailed so I'll just give highlights! I started by connecting to a spiral tube that led to the higher planes. I travelled up this and shifted between being the part of me on the ground and the part of me at the top of the spiral - it felt extremely real. I travelled to my highest possible point in the higher planes and had a real sense of height - I felt I had not been to this place before. Here I was met by someone I consider to be a high being who showed me a place that was pure energy - I dived in. I received some personal information here and then was led to a temple that I have been trying to access for a long time but I have always felt that it was not the right time. Inside this temple I received that guidance that it was time to connect to my higher self in a way that I have not done before. A way that is very real and will have a dramatic effect on my earth life. I received some other personal information and then came back down to earth!
It was fantastic.
Since then my inner life and therefore my outer life has transformed..... I feel so much more connected to the universe. I'm much more in the flow. My intuition and awareness have accelerated. I am much more aware of when old patterns are kicking in and how to change them (as well as the motivation to want to change them in the first place!)
I feel that I am at the start of a new phase in my journey and I wanted to thank you.
Thanks again Zannie  
Love and Blessings
Cara (US-telephone session)


I didn't know what I was expecting or if I was expecting something out of that session with you, but it felt perfect as everything is really.

 I felt quite emotional during the clearing of the Akashic Records but at the end of the session, I felt this total Joy!

My heart chakra has definitely expanded & I feel the connection with the rest of the world even strongly. Many thanks for this!


London 1-1 Session 2011


Zannie Rose is a healer among healers. Eclectic
threads from her extensive background are woven into a
beautiful fabric of great comfort. Her connection to
the Divine and Divine guidance was strongly evident in
my session, as she picked up on cues that others have
missed. If you have a chance to be guided by this
“master”, you can count yourself among the truly
Clare Goodwin, Intuitive Counselor & Artist

Telephone session USA-2010


Zannie is a wonderful spiritual facilitator of the highest calibre.  She combines the highest levels of integrity and discretion in dealing with issues that are sometimes very personal and of a sensitive nature with a very high level of psychic/intuitive openness.  What was particularly great for me was that she communicated directly with my soul and guides before my session in order to identify the specific issues and hidden core beliefs whose resolution could most benefit me at that time.  Even though I had done much inner work myself, Zannie, working with my soul and guides, was able to identify limiting beliefs that I had not been aware of and that had been holding back my development. I recommend her very, very highly!

Brenda Barnes

 Just wanted to say what a rewarding session yesterday was. I thoroughly benefited from that unfoldment -  

I feel like I moved a mountain yesterday. I'm creating my new vision board this evening too. 


Accounts Manager - London


''Zannie - I wanted to thank you again for the healing last Friday. Over the last few days I've been feeling quite different & sense that issues that were quite core have been released. My gratitude to you'

Kate -Lincs

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