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q-qualities for a spiritual seeker

Posted on April 20, 2015 at 3:05 AM

Accept that the concept of "the fear of God" is ignorance. God is peace and love, and nothing else.


From: “I: Reality and Subjectivity” (2003), Chapter 6: Realization, p. 108


Q: What are the most valuable qualities for a spiritual seeker?

A: Start with certainty and a feeling of security instead of self-doubt or timidity.

Accept without reservation that you are worthy of the quest and be resolved to totally surrender to the truth about God.

The facts that are to be unreservedly accepted are simple and very powerful.

Surrendering to them brings enormous spiritual advancement.


1. The living proof of God’s love and will for you is the gift of your own existence.


2. Do not compare yourself with others regarding ‘holiness’, merit, goodness, deservingness, sinlessness, etc.

These are all human notions, and God is not limited by human notions.


3. Accept that the concept of ‘the fear of God’ is ignorance. God is peace and love and nothing else.


4. Realize that the depiction of God as a ‘judge’ is a delusion of the ego that arises as a projection of guilt from the punishment of childhood.

Realize that God is not a parent.


5. Christ’s teaching was essentially and simply to avoid the negativity (calibrated levels below 200), and the goal of his teaching was for his followers to reach Unconditional Love (calibration level of 540).

He knew that once the level of Unconditional Love was reached, the soul’s destiny after death was certain and the soul was safe.

This is essentially the same conclusion that is taught by the world’s great religions, such as Lotus Land Buddhism.


6. Realize that salvation and enlightenment are somewhat different goals.

Salvation requires purification of the ego; enlightenment requires its total dissolution.

The goal of enlightenment is more demanding and radical.


7. Clarify that it is not a personal ‘you’ who is seeking enlightenment but an impersonal quality of consciousness that is the motivator.

Spiritual inspiration and dedication carry forth the work.


8. Comfort replaces insecurity when one realizes that the most important goal has already been accomplished.

That goal is to be on the road of spiritual dedication.

Spiritual development is not an accomplishment but a way of life.

It is an orientation that brings its own rewards, and what is important is the direction of one’s motives.


9. Appreciate that every step forward benefits everyone.

One’s spiritual dedication and work is a gift to life and the love of mankind.


10. There is no timetable or prescribed route to God.

Although each person’s route is unique, the terrain to be covered is relatively common to all. The work is to surmount and transcend the common human failings that are inherent in the structure of the human ego.

One would like to think that they are personal; however, the ego itself is not personal.

It was inherited along with becoming a human being.

Details differ based on past karma.


11. Intense prayer augments dedication and inspiration and facilitates progress.


12. The Grace of God is available to all.

Historically, the ‘Grace of the Sage’ is available to the committed spiritual seeker….


From: “I: Reality and Subjectivity” (2003), Chapter 6: Realization, pp.108–110

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