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P =The Presence

Posted on April 16, 2015 at 11:35 AM


The Presence is silent and conveys a state of peace.

It's infinitely gentle and yet like a rock.

With it, all fear disappears, and spiritual joy occurs on a quiet level of inexplicable ecstasy.

Because the experience of time stops, there's no apprehension, regret, pain, or anticipation the source of joy is unending and ever-present.

With no beginning or ending, there can be no loss, grief, or desire--and nothing needs to be done, for everything is already perfect and complete.

When time stops, all problems disappear, for they are merely artifacts of a point of perception.

As the Presence prevails, there is no further identification with the body or mind.

When the mind grows silent, the thought I am also disappears, and Pure Awareness shines forth to illuminate what one is, was, and always will be, beyond all worlds and all universes--infinite and beyond time.

People wonder, how does one reach this state of awareness?

I can only share my own experience with you, and note that few follow the steps, because they're so simple. First, the desire to reach that state was intense.

Then came the discipline to act with constant and universal forgiveness and gentleness, without exception. One has to be compassionate toward EVERYTHING, including one's own self and thoughts

. Next came a willingness to hold desires in abeyance and surrender personal will at every moment.

As each thought, feeling, longing, or deed was surrendered to God, the mind became increasingly silent

. At first, I turned over entire stories and paragraphs in my mind, then ideas and concepts.

As one lets go of the desire to own these thoughts, they no longer reach such elaboration, and begin to fragment while only half-formed. finally, it was possible to turn over the energy behind thought itself, before it even became thought.

The task of constant and unrelenting fixity of focus-allowing not even a moment of distraction from meditation-continued while doing ordinary activities.

At first, this seemed very difficult, but as time went on, it became habitual, automatic, and effortless.

The process is like a rocket leaving Earth:

At first, it requires enormous power, then less and less as it leaves the earth's gravitational field; and finally, it moves through space under its own momentum.

Suddenly, without warning, a shift in awareness occurred, and the Presence was there, unmistakable all-encompassing.

There were a few moments of apprehension as the self died, and then the absoluteness of the Presence inspired a flash of awe.

This breakthrough was spectacular, more intense than anything previously known--it has no counterpart in ordinary experience.

The profound shock entailed is cushioned by the Love of the Presence.

Without the support and protection of that Love, one would be annihilated.

A moment of terror followed as the ego clung to its existence, fearing it would become nothingness.

Instead, as it died, it was replaced by the Self as Everything-ness, the All in which everything is known and obvious in its perfect expression of its own essence

. With non-locality came the awareness that one is all that ever was or can be. One is total and complete, byond all identities, gender, or even humanness itself.

One need never again fear suffering and death.


~excerpt from "Power vs Force" by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D.,PhD

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