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Y =You Are the Source

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 1:55 AM

As I breathe in,I relax my body.

I am growing calm and peaceful.

My mind is clear and alert.

I let go of any thoughts of the day,and let myself be present in the moment,my point of power.

I now affirm, "I am the source of my abundance."

"I can create whatever I want."

"I have everything within me to create what I want."

I think of something I wanted that I got.

I recall my positive thoughts and inner knowing that I could create this

.I know that my thoughts,pictures, feelings, and my intention create what I want.

I now think of something I want to create.

I now link with the unlimited abundance of my higher self and soul.

I open to receive the unlimited riches of the universe.

I picture this thing or event coming to me,even better than I have imagined.

I believe in my ability to create what I want as I link with my soul, my higher self, and with the abundant universe I am a part of.

I draw this to me through following my joy,through listening to my inner thoughts,and through holding positive pictures of my receiving this.

I am the source of my abundance through my ability to link with my soul and higher self,through my ability to picture and imagine,and through my trust in the universe and in myself

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