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I am in tune with the Infinite Spirit of Life

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 11:05 AM

The sacred books, the inspired writings, all come from the same

source -- God, God speaking through the souls of those who open

themselves that S/He may speak through. I perceive that God as the

deep place within me that has the power to transform my human

existence, the sound and the feelings that engage me to realize

the vital principles of this One.

One doesn't grasp a great truth. One opens to it hoping that one

day it will drift past your ear and be caught in the net of your

awareness, then sink into the soul where it will resonate with the

vibrating strings of the heart. And in that fateful moment grace

descends and you are shown the absurd, laughable limitations of

the impermanent human life.

The day-to-day experiences spark

inspirations of Wisdom and Love which is the breath of the power

of God.

A practice of true worship is established by willingly

accepting the Self as a poised, vital idea rooted in Spirit.

Belief in the fact that we are all the action of God made manifest, and

displaying the Allness of God right where each is.

This is my life, and with an earnest, sincere heart I let it unfold in

splendour. I am in tune with the Infinite Spirit of Life and Power that

is back of all, uniquely individualized. I delight in knowing and

feeling my life is the life of God. I am a holy eternal attribute of the

One that never ceases being. And so it is.

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