DNA 12 Strand Activation


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oneness with the Presence

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Yes, I know that oneness with the Presence lies right at my fingertips, at the end of my nose, in the simplest thoughts. All day long I turn from activities and turn to thoughts of God for centering and peace.






A Spiritual Promise in Your DNA

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What is the Spiritual Promise in your DNA?



What if you book a one hour telephone session to consciously unwrap the spiritual gifts that are being held  in your DNA. Each one of us has a great and joyful work to do, using the divine qualities we carry within us to serve the highest good of all sentient beings.

What did you promise yourself when choosing to incarnate?

Is now the time to discover?

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I release and I let go, knowing all is healed in time.

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I am brave and know that this powerful universe is always for me.

I release and I let go, knowing all is healed in time.

I know my higher divine voice compels me forward, and I say, “Yes.”

I release my past story and stand in divine knowing that I am creating a life of choice.

I hold nothing back and live out fully the gift of who I am.


One hour telephone DNA Activation session available this week


Cellular Level

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makes me smile at the thought of all that activity

Chamber of Presence

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Chamber of Presence

I accept my good

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I speak and live the Truth. My actions reflect my words. I know that which I speak is made manifest in my life.




I accept my good with joyfulness. I guard my thoughts to ensure they align with my desires. I anticipate success.






Focus on the Good

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I am clearly focused on the good in my life. I can see my desires taking form right now. I am grateful for my abundance and happiness.




Release the past with love

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I surrender to the process of life with joy. I release the past with love. I embrace the future with anticipation and love.







I accept Good in my life.

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I speak my word with power and authority. I accept the good in my life with gratitude. I am blessed in all areas of my life.




Peace surrounds me

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My life is peaceful and filled with joy. Peace surrounds me wherever I am. Everyone in my life contributes to my joy, and I to theirs.