DNA 12 Strand Activation


being in wholeness.

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I live, move and have my being in wholeness.

Everything I do, say and think is quickened into right action.

This I shall remember:

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This I shall remember: that the Spirit is not far off.

I release and I let go, knowing all is healed in time.

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I am brave and know that this powerful universe is always for me.

I release and I let go, knowing all is healed in time.

I know my higher divine voice compels me forward, and I say, “Yes.”

I release my past story and stand in divine knowing that I am creating a life of choice.

I hold nothing back and live out fully the gift of who I am.


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I accept my good

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I speak and live the Truth. My actions reflect my words. I know that which I speak is made manifest in my life.




I accept my good with joyfulness. I guard my thoughts to ensure they align with my desires. I anticipate success.






Focus on the Good

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I am clearly focused on the good in my life. I can see my desires taking form right now. I am grateful for my abundance and happiness.




Release the past with love

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I surrender to the process of life with joy. I release the past with love. I embrace the future with anticipation and love.







I accept Good in my life.

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I speak my word with power and authority. I accept the good in my life with gratitude. I am blessed in all areas of my life.




Peace surrounds me

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My life is peaceful and filled with joy. Peace surrounds me wherever I am. Everyone in my life contributes to my joy, and I to theirs.





Clear Intention

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I am clear on my intention. I relax into the clarity of my thoughts and know with assurance that divine right action is already occurring.



C- create from joy

Posted on April 3, 2015 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (2)

I am the place where heaven meets Earth.

I speak my word and create from a place of joy, grace and love.

I affirm only the highest and the best.

Yes, heaven is at hand right now.

I choose to see only grace, beauty, peace and joy.

I see God expressed in all things.

I surrender to the Source of all being.

In this surrender, I am guided and directed to my greatest yet-to-be.

I am grateful.

I am successful in all I do.

I celebrate my accomplishments.

I rejoice in this day. All is well.

I am the joy of Source.

I am the light of Creator.

Joyfully, I share my gifts and talents with the world.